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Corralitos Ranch Horseback Rides

Last time, we talked about one of the key parts of the heritage of the West, ranching and farming. Well, in your mind, imagine a rancher or cowboy. What image did you conjure up? Besides, the rancher or cowboy himself what did you see?

Odds are there was a horse involved. After all, the horse was the indispensable companion for anyone out west. So, while you’re staying here at the Hacienda RV Resort, Corralitos Ranch offers a way to become a little more familiar with the iconic image of riding into the sunset.

Corralitos Ranch Horseback Trail Rides

Just west of Las Cruces, you’ll find the Corralitos Ranch. This is a real working ranch that spreads out over thousand square miles. That land features stunning vistas of hills, canyons, sunsets, landmarks, and old ruins and is perfect for riding and exploring. You can find Indian rock art, old mines, and abandoned farmsteads at this place.


Corralitos Ranch horseback rides wind through the route used by the Butterfield and Overland stages. You can see the waystations, abandoned mines, ruins of fortified settlements that fought off raiders and ancient migration routes.

Most of the rides are in two-hour increments and they are designed for individuals or groups of up to six people. To ride, you must be less than 250 pounds and more than eight years old. The trail horses and mules are experienced and safe so they can handle riders of all experience levels.

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