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The Prehistoric Trackways National Monument

Though, we seldom think about it, it is amazing how much we can see around us when it comes to what our ancestors have done. Often, we walk where they walked but do not fully appreciate what they went through.

How much more interesting would it be to go back even further? To go and follow the tracks of prehistoric creatures? Well, when you’re staying at the Hacienda RV Resort, Prehistoric Trackways National Monument can take you back there.

Prehistoric Trackways National Monument

The Prehistoric Trackways National Monument was created in 2009 to conserve the unique paleontological, scientific, educational, and scenic resources of the Robledo Mountains. This monument includes major deposits of Paleozoic Era fossilized footprints.

The trackways are footprints of amphibians, reptiles, and insects as well as plants and petrified wood dating back 280 million years, meaning pre-dinosaur. You’ll find some Early Permian track sites as well.

Exploring History Around Las Cruces

Portions of the monuments allow hiking, horseback riding, and off highway vehicle driving. Some viewing areas are very limited and none have any information on interpreting the fossils, yet. However, you can still see some of these fossils and get a little exercise.

If you want to do some more in-depth study of the fossils, you’ll need to head over to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science. You’ll find fossils there as the Jerry MacDonald Paleozoic Trackways Collection.

You’ll need to schedule a time and secure a reservation. You can also visit the Las Cruces Museum of Nature and Science to see 30-foot and 15-foot trackways on display.

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Prehistoric Trackways National Monument is close to the Hacienda RV Resort located in Las Cruces, New Mexico. We offer a spectacular view of the amazing New Mexico landscape along with amenities such as a workout facility, free cable, and high speed Wi-Fi. We can accommodate just about any size RV and are conveniently located of the roadways. To book your stay, visit

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